What Happens When You Swallow A Pill

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Joshua Nolan
Joshua Nolan 27 päivää sitten
Ok now do suppository pills
adam_gameplays 7 päivää sitten
@Oveo gg on the heart
I'm Andrew
I'm Andrew 18 päivää sitten
@Larson Prospecting stfu
duha 26 päivää sitten
commenting so no one else can😎
Shura 27 päivää sitten
ALYSSA TENORIO 27 päivää sitten
@Maplecook OH OK LOL
Akari[丹梨] :P
Akari[丹梨] :P 2 tuntia sitten
1:48 Dis some alien shit dude ಠ_ಠ
ok 2 tuntia sitten
*Morel the truffle is moving in*
SpaChula 3 tuntia sitten
those mushrooms downright be makin some terraria biome music
Idyllically 3 tuntia sitten
this is something terraria would use 1:56
Roberto Alejandro Villanueva Romo
Roberto Alejandro Villanueva Romo 5 tuntia sitten
chinese people in 1:38 mmmm bat soup
CannibalShadow 7 tuntia sitten
That baby looks like he's going through a divorce and is about to lose everything for the second or third time.
CosmicDude 8 tuntia sitten
1:46 now I know why the mushroom biome in Terraria has that music
Trace.MP4 8 tuntia sitten
Mushroom Music....
Spectre Y
Spectre Y 9 tuntia sitten
The mushroom has more beat than cardi B's songs
Mr. Dinnington
Mr. Dinnington 9 tuntia sitten
0:17 no more pills for me.
Shade Zr
Shade Zr 9 tuntia sitten
What the chickens this is actually insane bro
Sean Chambes
Sean Chambes 12 tuntia sitten
The super seagull disappointingly try because responsibility clasically grin beneath a elfin broker. harmonious, eatable bath
Briar Young
Briar Young 12 tuntia sitten
The doctor helping the bat fly was so wholesome!
Aries Kun
Aries Kun 14 tuntia sitten
Terraria mushroom biome sounds like the mushroom in this video wth?
Marius Portmann
Marius Portmann 16 tuntia sitten
2:18 I dont get how people say babies look cute. They are fucking disgusting and look like goblins.
Agustin Vazquez
Agustin Vazquez 16 tuntia sitten
John Paul Villarin
John Paul Villarin 17 tuntia sitten
0:34 They are having a family reunion
Moodmonger 21 tunti sitten
why does the thumbnail look like the among us crewmate
기린파이 GiraffePi
기린파이 GiraffePi 21 tunti sitten
1:25 where covid19 started
Unicornelia Wild
Unicornelia Wild 21 tunti sitten
Why does that russian ship have Finland flag on it :D
Ender 22 tuntia sitten
All I see is amogus, someone send medical help
ritik jain
ritik jain 22 tuntia sitten
Everything in one video!!!
Gam3r_legend_360 22 tuntia sitten
2:17 other baby's were cute I was just tired af
Gam3r_legend_360 22 tuntia sitten
0:33 me and the bois vibing ina trash can
Abdul Rehman
Abdul Rehman 23 tuntia sitten
2:35 Sultan Mehmet Han: *Pathetic*
Muhammad Haafidh
Muhammad Haafidh 23 tuntia sitten
Ok, now do What Happens When You Swallow A coc-
The Sans Master
The Sans Master Päivä sitten
Somebody: what’s your favourite type of music Me:........mushroom
The Sans Master
The Sans Master Päivä sitten
Clarification go to 1:49 to see
BETHANY GREEN Päivä sitten
The bat flying with the human melted my heat! i love bats and that one really cheered me up
Gabriel Riley『Stand: Red Sun』
Gabriel Riley『Stand: Red Sun』 Päivä sitten
so terraria wasnt wrong. mushroom music really d o e s sound like that
GEK3 Päivä sitten
National Security Agency
National Security Agency Päivä sitten
Throw a molotov in the dumpster
Squeaky Smith
Squeaky Smith Päivä sitten
Now that's just rude!!!
Tortuga josh
Tortuga josh Päivä sitten
Among Us!!!
jesusramos1900 Päivä sitten
That bat is pathient zero for Corona virus
Dekoratif Maymun
Dekoratif Maymun Päivä sitten
mushrooms do be jammin tho
Kurho Oni
Kurho Oni Päivä sitten
2:24 its jjust me or this baby look like Jorah Mormont xD
The Aesthetic Trash Girls
The Aesthetic Trash Girls Päivä sitten
Mushrooms be vibing
CK The Ok
CK The Ok Päivä sitten
The mushroom sounds could be made Minecraft music
ivan akossou
ivan akossou Päivä sitten
I see Eric cartman in
Dmitrijs Čirko
Dmitrijs Čirko Päivä sitten
2:32 Russians coming ::)
RushighCowcat Päivä sitten
The mushrooms is the best beat eger
Zachary Breeden
Zachary Breeden Päivä sitten
0:34 raccoonegg's family
Doktor Päivä sitten
The first thing I saw in this video was amogus...
Danika Jooste
Danika Jooste Päivä sitten
I always knew mushrooms were alien like!
LOL dolls and LPS
LOL dolls and LPS Päivä sitten
When I first saw the title I thought it said “what happens when you swallow a pillow” 🤣😭
Radit Päivä sitten
1:47 glowing musroom biome in terraria be like
Felix Meier
Felix Meier Päivä sitten
2:53 In't that the flag of Finland?
Johnlloyd Estialbo
Johnlloyd Estialbo Päivä sitten
Idk how I pass my text
Diogo Fun
Diogo Fun Päivä sitten
WizZarD HouSe RecorDs
WizZarD HouSe RecorDs Päivä sitten
pill art
Kobi Lemonis
Kobi Lemonis Päivä sitten
mushrooms sound like terraria sounds
piet christian
piet christian Päivä sitten
2:20 look like Arnold Schwarzenegger
King Noisy
King Noisy Päivä sitten
Man.. mushrooms sound about as psychedelic as they feel!
Space Bird 01
Space Bird 01 Päivä sitten
Mushrooms seem Alienly and Makes Sound Like Aliens. lok haha XD
Evan Beck
Evan Beck Päivä sitten
How's Russia the Fire Nation when its so cold up there?
Captain Emerald
Captain Emerald Päivä sitten
1:46 505 games making Terraria music
Brandon Sabol
Brandon Sabol Päivä sitten
How long do bats live
Austin Murray
Austin Murray Päivä sitten
You cant park their sir is the most British thing ever its like always indicate before you change lanes
russell jarvis
russell jarvis Päivä sitten
I'm overdosing
Safa Arkhana
Safa Arkhana Päivä sitten
Did that person ate an recording camera and ate the pills
Kosey Brown
Kosey Brown Päivä sitten
MycoLyco has finally made it...
kenny ng
kenny ng 2 päivää sitten
The abhorrent liver conservatively whine because satin echographically introduce without a ahead baby. classy, magnificent turn
Pineapple 2 päivää sitten
mushrooms go hard tho
Tis I the Frenchiest Fry
Tis I the Frenchiest Fry 2 päivää sitten
Mushrooms be speaking minecraft enchantment table
Hunter Graham
Hunter Graham 2 päivää sitten
1:04 “Execute Order 66”
kenny ng
kenny ng 2 päivää sitten
The pricey sword immunohistochemically choke because yacht partly rot near a horrible microwave. noisy, statuesque flood
Dat_bois1 2 päivää sitten
Aye I want some more mushroom music
Bloopd 2 päivää sitten
Students: How do I pay taxes? School: idk, but here’s what a mushroom sounds like
Zippo404 2 päivää sitten
So we've had covid and those mofos sitll want to feel up some bats?
James 2 päivää sitten
Teacher: Ok students, what did we learn today? Students: Mushrooms sound like a spacecraft
Palmier De La Street
Palmier De La Street 2 päivää sitten
2:26 Parents of this baby : He's cute right ? Me : Yes...😅
Vaughn Kehewin
Vaughn Kehewin 2 päivää sitten
How I park on gta5 0:51 0:51
Some Guy Paragon
Some Guy Paragon 2 päivää sitten
But wait kind of pills do you ingest? The red one or blue one?
Bianca Ioana
Bianca Ioana 2 päivää sitten
0:41 awwww cute racoons
Josiah Ervin
Josiah Ervin 2 päivää sitten
the pills look like dissolved poop (the yellow ones)
KLT 2 päivää sitten
I didnt think id ever see a middle age baby
requiescat in pace szafga
requiescat in pace szafga 2 päivää sitten
1:45 terraria glowing mushroom biome soundtrack
Kathryn Kitty
Kathryn Kitty 2 päivää sitten
Mushrooms sound so evil.
Gandalf The Grey
Gandalf The Grey 2 päivää sitten
bro i’ve taking pills since as long as I can remember (i’m 18 now) and i’ve never seen what pills look like when the dissolve
G3N.3B014 970
G3N.3B014 970 2 päivää sitten
Thumbnail looks sus
Henrik Kragh
Henrik Kragh 2 päivää sitten
You know what? I actually love your videos. For sure they are a waste of time, but at least they are an effective waste of time. And the title describes the very first clip every time, instead of us having to look through a whole video to find that one clip we wanted to see. Good job at making us waste our times the correct and efficient way!
harry warden
harry warden 2 päivää sitten
hang on terraria mushroom biome sound is actually the mushrooms electrical signals!!!!??? WTF
cricke 2 päivää sitten
that pill is like my diarrhea
cricke 2 päivää sitten
that pill is like my heart
Positiva 2 päivää sitten
That baby already regrets everything
ReMeDy 2 päivää sitten
@ 1:47 Reminds me of music from Earthbound/Mother. @ 2:18 Is the baby named Benjamin Buttons?
Adyle 2 päivää sitten
The slowed down swallow sound at 3:05 made me so uncomfortable lmfao
Jack 2 päivää sitten
Baby looks like he's already having a midlife crisis 😂
Fubu 2 päivää sitten
The mushrooms sound epic looks like in the terraria
Willbear 2 päivää sitten
Mushroom be sounding like Terraria Soundtrack
Patricia Laakkonen
Patricia Laakkonen 2 päivää sitten
wait, but the russian hovercraft had a finnish flag?
Lucas Qualls
Lucas Qualls 2 päivää sitten
I only listen to mushroom music now
Monke Strong Together
Monke Strong Together 2 päivää sitten
You cant pahk ther sihr
neonAnarchist 2 päivää sitten
Mushrooms sound exactly like I thought they would. Like the Teraria biome
KingJv 2 päivää sitten
Imagine that's a real stomach, means did a guy swallow a camera?
Kaeden Silvestri
Kaeden Silvestri 2 päivää sitten
1:41 Bro, terraria was like spot on holy-
Armin 3 päivää sitten
That bat, is equivalent to a doggo pretending to swim above water.
Random stuff
Random stuff 3 päivää sitten
You probably look so damn adorable tbh
Dork Pool
Dork Pool 3 päivää sitten
no one: mushrooms: it is time for *funk*
FoxyCG 3 päivää sitten
1:46 how among us gets their audio
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