Water That's Been Trapped For Millions Of Years

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Rest of The Videos: www.collab.inc/
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Jeremy Kramer
Jeremy Kramer 8 kuukautta sitten
This was a good episode
Hooty The owl
Hooty The owl Uukausi sitten
Rave 2 kuukautta sitten
Antonis 2 kuukautta sitten
@Twins B 3
sxpphire_donuts 3 kuukautta sitten
Hi i was here
Diablo 3 kuukautta sitten
Alexander Mustard
Alexander Mustard Päivä sitten
No one Boys at night: 1:26
steelrain 814
steelrain 814 Päivä sitten
The ocean: Am I a joke to you?
R & S
R & S Päivä sitten
Millions of years. Bunk!
Bill Yost
Bill Yost Päivä sitten
You most definitely have one of the best all around cool. Well done!
Niko Malbasic
Niko Malbasic 2 päivää sitten
2:47 I could watch this like 2 hours long, its so beautiful
Daniel VehovskY
Daniel VehovskY 3 päivää sitten
Break the rock and drink the water
bugoobiga 4 päivää sitten
2:08 by "this person", I think you mean "this destructive a-hole"
Innocence 5 päivää sitten
If you drink that water you'll become the funding Titan.
Apenas um lixo
Apenas um lixo 5 päivää sitten
2:20 let that shit alone Man, we already have corona
Rain Man
Rain Man 6 päivää sitten
Sponges: we are the world, we are the future....besides, the meek shall inherit the earth.
DadaNepal 6 päivää sitten
Gravity: I can make anything fall Cat: Think Again! Shark fin: Haha cat go brrr!!!!
SCUBA SLICK 7 päivää sitten
d r i n k i t
roblox complinations roblox is here
roblox complinations roblox is here 7 päivää sitten
This guy has such a way with words 0:43
lazada shopee
lazada shopee 7 päivää sitten
that water inside the agate is as old as rain water today, so whats the big deal?
Madison Hercienus
Madison Hercienus 7 päivää sitten
Not suprised bout the litter box, bht the way of how long the cat stands😂
Tarnstean 8 päivää sitten
Are you kidding me
The goat Is here I am the most goated of all
The goat Is here I am the most goated of all 8 päivää sitten
Mine was going like -25 in the vid
The goat Is here I am the most goated of all
The goat Is here I am the most goated of all 8 päivää sitten
David Plenderleith
David Plenderleith 9 päivää sitten
Watch on mute !
ImARaptor 9 päivää sitten
What is the pink slime that they found?
Everything’s Private
Everything’s Private 10 päivää sitten
Never would I picture a cat named Spencer
be water my amigo
be water my amigo 10 päivää sitten
Other FIpostrs: clickbait for millions of views Daily dose: always honest and never shows clickbait. Gets 10 millions views more per video. People should learn from this guy
Squidz 10 päivää sitten
I want to drink the water
RikusanYT 10 päivää sitten
2:20 thats the eggs of a snail I-
Evan G
Evan G 11 päivää sitten
Day 27 of asking who collab is
Max Williams
Max Williams 11 päivää sitten
do u think the water tastes good
Space Man
Space Man 11 päivää sitten
Water is almost as old as earth
FLIXY 11 päivää sitten
1:10 harder daddyy
Qeisyatd 〻
Qeisyatd 〻 10 päivää sitten
black and white nightmares
black and white nightmares 12 päivää sitten
Can we drink the water though
Somebody Call IXII
Somebody Call IXII 12 päivää sitten
I need that auctioneer song to play on my Bluetooth speakers
Hondorus_ _
Hondorus_ _ 12 päivää sitten
I've always wondered, where did the iconic profile picture originate from?
M33P L0rO
M33P L0rO 12 päivää sitten
Who else saw the million old water and was like: "I wanna break it open and taste it" Just me? Okay.
Franco VFX
Franco VFX 12 päivää sitten
i love that he always outs the clip thats in the title first instead of making us wait till the end
Satan 13 päivää sitten
Top 10 Rappers Eminem was too afraid to diss: 0:37
PheliaJee 13 päivää sitten
Topname 13 päivää sitten
1:22 👀 chilll...
Sid Shrivastava
Sid Shrivastava 13 päivää sitten
Just a normal goth roblox player
Just a normal goth roblox player 14 päivää sitten
0:31 w o w
Justice Plays Roblox
Justice Plays Roblox 14 päivää sitten
Drinking that would give you cornavirus alpha edition
Ivan Aulia
Ivan Aulia 14 päivää sitten
2:40 nah im a fish, now put me in the water
chris gauthier
chris gauthier 14 päivää sitten
I wonder what that water tastes like
Dark Forest
Dark Forest 14 päivää sitten
Just Google it: "Case closed in 3034"
Shmoneyhiu 14 päivää sitten
Don’t be shy poke in a straw and take a sip
TRBenjiSwiss 15 päivää sitten
2:20 cursed pepto bismol
Carmel's Memoir Garden
Carmel's Memoir Garden 15 päivää sitten
The found Bikini Bottom!
AP Gaming Pratap
AP Gaming Pratap 15 päivää sitten
1:16 go to Mr Indian hacker
X GamerFairy X
X GamerFairy X 15 päivää sitten
The name of the pink lime mold is lycogala epidendrum by the way.
Shut down iphone -BY LOOTA
Shut down iphone -BY LOOTA 15 päivää sitten
who islegand watching 2021
Shut down iphone -BY LOOTA
Shut down iphone -BY LOOTA 15 päivää sitten
who islegand watching 2021
Joe D
Joe D 15 päivää sitten
Most obnoxious voice on the internet by far...
LlamaVR 15 päivää sitten
Imagine someone was holding it and they dropped it
Thomas M
Thomas M 16 päivää sitten
be right back boys, gotta go drink an enhydro agate
Satish Sonule
Satish Sonule 16 päivää sitten
The last video music of under sea is my ringtone. The sound of MOI. And I thought someone call me but why the caller screen not appearing.😁😂
Roy Demeo
Roy Demeo 16 päivää sitten
Who takes a cat to the beach?
Shawna Rule
Shawna Rule 16 päivää sitten
The fine jet proximally strap because violet putatively push across a enthusiastic ox. righteous, succinct plain
QuietWyatt 17 päivää sitten
but... is the water drinkable?
Lizzie V
Lizzie V 17 päivää sitten
1:42 Rolling Coronavirus
Alpha Gaming
Alpha Gaming 17 päivää sitten
1:25 *when your parents leave the house*
Danica Vera Joy Abrera
Danica Vera Joy Abrera 17 päivää sitten
2:20 *forbidden slime*
Danica Vera Joy Abrera
Danica Vera Joy Abrera 17 päivää sitten
Someone's gonna beatbox that dollar song
UnSee You
UnSee You 17 päivää sitten
Sana oil di nag kiclick bait
Alkesh Jude
Alkesh Jude 17 päivää sitten
Always feel good when the first clip is abt the thumbnail
DexSter Kevin
DexSter Kevin 17 päivää sitten
if you go to ur local beach you will see water thats probably older than the water in the rock.
Rangga Adi Fitrah s 6.1 JBH
Rangga Adi Fitrah s 6.1 JBH 18 päivää sitten
Dinosaur Peeing
Drew 18 päivää sitten
ok from the thumbnail it look like human sperm cells, dont get me wrong im just saying
Kira Yoshikage
Kira Yoshikage 17 päivää sitten
Lorens Uy
Lorens Uy 18 päivää sitten
The ocean be sitting there for billions of years
UK BB 18 päivää sitten
0:05 crack it open maybe the cure for Covid is in there.
bruh moment
bruh moment 18 päivää sitten
That water must be very fresh!
apilia 18 päivää sitten
can i drink it.
Santiago Jiménez Gálvez
Santiago Jiménez Gálvez 18 päivää sitten
I like chocolate :)
Hilmi wahid Abdul Aziz
Hilmi wahid Abdul Aziz 18 päivää sitten
1:33 what is that think
Crunchy Socks
Crunchy Socks 19 päivää sitten
My question is the water safe to drink
Maddie Grace
Maddie Grace 19 päivää sitten
G r e e n d o g
tanjiro kamado
tanjiro kamado 19 päivää sitten
2:17 that’s snail eggs 😃
Kira Yoshikage
Kira Yoshikage 17 päivää sitten
lol watch him be killing the eggs of a undiscovered species
Pau Pau Gomiega
Pau Pau Gomiega 19 päivää sitten
won't the camera be damaged for high pressure inside the tire?
vikas jagannath
vikas jagannath 19 päivää sitten
Don't they get dried up inside ??
Timtam sauce
Timtam sauce 19 päivää sitten
water that is millions of years old...lets drink it
dee wu
dee wu 19 päivää sitten
Water to his other water:“So.. how did YOU end up here?“
Ricky Rick
Ricky Rick 19 päivää sitten
I'd break the rock open and drink it
Thoryan 19 päivää sitten
Cats always land on their feet, even if they fall from insanely high distances. Cat on ground level: 2:28
LoCaL GaMeR 19 päivää sitten
Bruh really stabbed a bunch of snail eggs LOL.
CienciaMed 19 päivää sitten
0:39 sounds like a 90' printer
fawad jameel
fawad jameel 19 päivää sitten
This was a good episode
muggen san
muggen san 19 päivää sitten
2:24 any explanation , someone?
Supreme Kev
Supreme Kev 19 päivää sitten
a fungis that have liquid iside
Bilal Mohiyuddin
Bilal Mohiyuddin 19 päivää sitten
the thing thats moving is just air
Vanshaj 19 päivää sitten
Damn! Imagine drinking some water that has not been passed through a fkn dinosaur
Wazif Jamal
Wazif Jamal 19 päivää sitten
Wonder what that taste like
Aries 19 päivää sitten
C O O L C A N I B U Y O N E ?
Mama Mia
Mama Mia 19 päivää sitten
actuall the existing water that we used is also million years old
SHIELA YAMBAO 19 päivää sitten
sugar cube🍒
sugar cube🍒 19 päivää sitten
go to 2:48 and minimize the video and the stars start twinkling>
SuperObjectDrawings 15
SuperObjectDrawings 15 20 päivää sitten
Is the water expired
Slobbobnob 69xd
Slobbobnob 69xd 20 päivää sitten
Can I drink the water?
Eren D. Jaeger
Eren D. Jaeger 20 päivää sitten
Thats queen elizabeth’s pet rock
HUNTERGAMES468 20 päivää sitten
The rock ant that rare but still pretty cool
Trendex On YT
Trendex On YT 20 päivää sitten
Imagine drinking that water 😳
Micheal Myers
Micheal Myers 20 päivää sitten
I actually wanna know how it tastes.. the rock water thing
「Crystxl_Møchii」 20 päivää sitten
That slime mold thing when you pop it, it kinda looks like danganronpa blood-
Someone 20 päivää sitten
All auctioneers have a secret dream - to become a rapper one day
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