Using Face Swap On Twins

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Truck Fire:
Dog Reunited:
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Journey Home by Day 7
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Andres Sarapuu
Andres Sarapuu Vuosi sitten
I forgot all my problems for 3 minutes, thanks! :)
Sophie Mulley
Sophie Mulley 3 päivää sitten
What about he the last 18 seconds
Geo The Leo
Geo The Leo 11 päivää sitten
Luke Armstrong
Luke Armstrong 23 päivää sitten
How many likesssss!?
emes Uukausi sitten
Some guy
Some guy Uukausi sitten
Since you said this, you just made me remember all my problems.
Walter B.
Walter B. 7 tuntia sitten
Ok, sure, the hay and the truck caught fire but, still... the important thing is that no one could tell that driver what to do.
Martinez’s Martinez
Martinez’s Martinez 14 tuntia sitten
Turn to Jesus and be saved!
Charles Cheese
Charles Cheese 15 tuntia sitten
that is funny
complifunnynation 23 tuntia sitten
0:03 my reaction: Why we were here? Just to suffer?
Thamios Pawlicksi
Thamios Pawlicksi Päivä sitten
русские как всегда позорятся на весь мир. о великий кринж
Ornitho phobe
Ornitho phobe Päivä sitten
The dog's yelping made my heart melt 🥺🥺
حسين علي هادي
حسين علي هادي Päivä sitten
2:25 شني ها هااا شني نايم كاعد
حسين علي هادي
حسين علي هادي Päivä sitten
2:25 شني ها
Lookfire72 Gaming
Lookfire72 Gaming 2 päivää sitten
My dog would eat the bird thats a very good dog
Kentzo Ar
Kentzo Ar 2 päivää sitten
2:38 Ah yes, a normal day in Russia.
Nemesis 4 päivää sitten
The dog is like "How dare you lose me like that??"
Cyber Viking
Cyber Viking 5 päivää sitten
The dog reuniting with the owner straight up made me cry.
Darkhalis01 Was Taken
Darkhalis01 Was Taken 5 päivää sitten
0:35 - 0:58 | Top ten anime plot twists
Atlas 6 päivää sitten
In Russia, wheels are not rubber, they are log
the cave dude
the cave dude 6 päivää sitten
Nahh theyre not using face swaps their just from another universe
Justin Soni
Justin Soni 6 päivää sitten
Bro the Russian people SWEAR SO BAADLY BROOO (I know that bcoz I know russian )
theechloeee 8 päivää sitten
the dog was so happy omg 🥺🥺
British 8 päivää sitten
PS 5
PS 5 8 päivää sitten
Can we just take a moment to appreciate that he never clickbated us!!
Pratima Tripathy
Pratima Tripathy 9 päivää sitten
That laugh can be used as a meme😂😂🤣🤣
Lukas Løkken
Lukas Løkken 9 päivää sitten
2:20 *Everyone liked that*
Co Cox
Co Cox 9 päivää sitten
1:05 elytra in minecraft be like:
Temmo 10 päivää sitten
2:15 this is georgia
IKEMEN Osaka-ben!【大阪弁】
IKEMEN Osaka-ben!【大阪弁】 11 päivää sitten
I cried seeing Georgy the dog
Joseph Mcqueen
Joseph Mcqueen 12 päivää sitten
I always enjoy your videos , they are the best 3 minutes of my day, thank you
JakeHasACornFlake 13 päivää sitten
f a c e s w a p
rivellr 13 päivää sitten
podracing be like:
Eunitnoc Gniebeniezeitrepxe? Lles
Eunitnoc Gniebeniezeitrepxe? Lles 13 päivää sitten
-/ William afton and glitch Trap -/
-/ William afton and glitch Trap -/ 14 päivää sitten
I almost cried when the dog started whining 😞
Pancake 14 päivää sitten
That doggo was screeching in happiness :3
MewMew Kittens
MewMew Kittens 14 päivää sitten
In America you use Tire. But in Soviet Russia you use *L O G.*
Phoenix 15 päivää sitten
God the dog video had me tear up
LevelHints 15 päivää sitten
In Russia, log rolls you
Arya Pimpalshende
Arya Pimpalshende 16 päivää sitten
Lol I have a twin also
Footy Nerd
Footy Nerd 18 päivää sitten
the girl at the back of the face swap literally made that fucking clip cringy asf
zalina brooks
zalina brooks 18 päivää sitten
Ohhhh The reunion with dog got me, PRECIOUS 🥺
Hisako DarkFire
Hisako DarkFire 18 päivää sitten
that reunion with that dog made me cry.. ♥♥♥
Hisako DarkFire
Hisako DarkFire 18 päivää sitten
that dog waited 3 years in the same place and never took his poor mine off his owner ;-; so much tears omg
Robert Rebori
Robert Rebori 18 päivää sitten
When the owner woke the dog from its sleep, the dog must have felt like a long, bad dream had ended.
oto tugushi
oto tugushi 19 päivää sitten
georgian??? xax gali
YMEAHburger 21 päivä sitten
That dog one made me tear up
Isaac 23 päivää sitten
That dog found after three years made me cry I was too drunk for that
Noob 23 päivää sitten
awe the dog 😭🥺❤️
Daniel Rosta
Daniel Rosta 24 päivää sitten
the dog was so sad ):
chLOVEx 24 päivää sitten
Instant Karma for that truck driver
A.S ROBLOX 25 päivää sitten
The 2:21 part is cute The owner: hi buddy Are u ok The dog: yes but I'm kinda hungry The dog: why did u left me here alone U know what I saw today there was a hot german shepherd in here Then I lost it
Olyvia Mata
Olyvia Mata 26 päivää sitten
Who else started crying when the man found his dog. This is the wholesomeness I want from the world
Capri Gamer
Capri Gamer 26 päivää sitten
3:24 Dad you want beleb wat happen! I went on all dese crasy adventore an it was fun!
NeedyJay 27 päivää sitten
DJ Fergusson
DJ Fergusson 29 päivää sitten
it almost made me cry when the guy was reunited with his dog! ;-;
JeusKai Uukausi sitten
2:30 The dog was explaining all the miserable things he faced in dog language
Doggey Uukausi sitten
Me and the boys using a filter be like:
Maya Plays
Maya Plays Uukausi sitten
My face when the dog saw is owner 🥺🥰
K Uukausi sitten
Teeter totter no that's a see saw😂
David kyle G tamayo
David kyle G tamayo Uukausi sitten
Russains 2:54
DX ApexGameHub
DX ApexGameHub Uukausi sitten
2:46 thats the most russian thing ive ever seen
Moss Uukausi sitten
But what was in that safe
Beta Raybill
Beta Raybill Uukausi sitten
2:56 just a normal day in Russia
GRETEL MI Uukausi sitten
Dog: What took you so long?! *cries I miss you.... I thought you don't love me anymore
liam lazo
liam lazo Uukausi sitten
ty gamer ur cool
papercliped ideas
papercliped ideas Uukausi sitten
The one with the dog uniting with her owner made me cry because it was so beautiful, I recently lost me dog to heart altercations
jean louise padilla
jean louise padilla Uukausi sitten
even their teeth and laugh is the same
Ryan Kohan
Ryan Kohan Uukausi sitten
Dogs = Love
gringo1616 Uukausi sitten
2:38 ^^
MI gacha
MI gacha Uukausi sitten
The dog was so happy after getting reunited with owner
MI gacha
MI gacha Uukausi sitten
Moral of the story:In Russia u can do whatever u want
Bear Lover
Bear Lover Uukausi sitten
The dude in the dark blue looks way better-
TheophilosPorter Uukausi sitten
Hey, that dog owner was Georgian! There's a language I don't get to hear often.
Airsoftstuff Uukausi sitten
Of course it’s Russia
Raising Star
Raising Star Uukausi sitten
“Can you tell me the different between these picture, and this picture?” The picture: “They are the same picture”
George The Pooh
George The Pooh Uukausi sitten
In Russia we use tree as wheel 😂
Coltin Myers
Coltin Myers Uukausi sitten
I didn't realize this was wholesome moments
Charles Walton
Charles Walton Uukausi sitten
How did this man duplicate his face?
BlackStarry Uukausi sitten
In America car carry log, In soviet Russia log carry car
A Way
A Way Uukausi sitten
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David Miscaviage
David Miscaviage Uukausi sitten
Watching that dog made it really dusty in here for some reason
jack O'Brien
jack O'Brien Uukausi sitten
It's funny because if you did that I. The UK it would go bad quickly as our roads suck they've got holes everywhere
racial slurs
racial slurs Uukausi sitten
Hello internet travelers
Firemen 979
Firemen 979 Uukausi sitten
un poco de todo en ingles Xd
sharkboy21 games
sharkboy21 games Uukausi sitten
I wouldn't even paraglid like that in gta
Lilly Kate
Lilly Kate Uukausi sitten
Wait who’s talking help
Nicolas Ferdinand
Nicolas Ferdinand Uukausi sitten
The dog knew who he was straight away
Matteo Bonomo
Matteo Bonomo Uukausi sitten
2:50 : You can't use a log into a truck! USSR: Ha Ha treshchiny na stvole
Tshepang Langa
Tshepang Langa Uukausi sitten
The twins reminds me of Dru ang Gru.
austriaDiamolo Uukausi sitten
Wow that dog was soop happy. You need to love dogs
Dino Z8O
Dino Z8O Uukausi sitten
This Person’s head on the right is as shiny as the sun
Nuke Nuke
Nuke Nuke Uukausi sitten
Ofcourse is Russia
Mall Uukausi sitten
Face swap?
Carl Uukausi sitten
So no is gonna talk about the hay truck driver
Evan Scheu
Evan Scheu Uukausi sitten
The dog finally found made me cry
The street pharmacist
The street pharmacist Uukausi sitten
1 day after putting that teeter totter up, they chopped it off on the Mexican side and turned it into a scrap yard for beer money
I watched 2 videos consecutively and have overdoes on internet
Wispyy Btw
Wispyy Btw Uukausi sitten
I remember when I found a baby bird out side my house I put it in a shoe box and tried to show my dog. The bird jumped out of the box then my dog put in his mouth to put it back in the box but it died of a panic attack.
Arionixx Uukausi sitten
Nooooooo.... poor doggo....
Ian L
Ian L Uukausi sitten
In the process of the face swapping, the twins lost some of their brain cells
Reese Fisher
Reese Fisher Uukausi sitten
Brian Aguilar
Brian Aguilar Uukausi sitten
Everybody gangsta till that hay lights on fire
Johny No Way
Johny No Way Uukausi sitten
the 2nd guy wanted to commit suicide but bailed out at the last moment
Korilana Uukausi sitten
1:51 so wired, this looks like 3% playing with poor in cages...
Lando_Calzonian Uukausi sitten
That lost dog thing made my heart melt
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