Shopping Cart Pusher Can't Stop Hitting Cars

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Jam's Germs
Jam's Germs 5 kuukautta sitten
Hey! I recorded that single-celled organism eating another cell, if you want to see more you can check; And we also have a FIpost channel; Thank you so much! -James Weiss
Ozzyisacutie 3 päivää sitten
Jedi Gaming
Jedi Gaming 18 päivää sitten
That’s cool, but feels like a free shout outttttt ngl
GuGaLa5 æ
GuGaLa5 æ Uukausi sitten
LukeyYTツ Uukausi sitten
18000ths like
Tropical Mango
Tropical Mango Uukausi sitten
Material Man
Material Man 3 tuntia sitten
The poor girls who took a picture with a guy who they thought was famous but he wasn’t really
paige uphoff
paige uphoff 5 tuntia sitten
The routy pool party 😂😂😂😂
Despacito Spider_LOL
Despacito Spider_LOL 6 tuntia sitten
Even though people didn't know him they took a picture just cause he looked famous XD
Finley Gruhn
Finley Gruhn 9 tuntia sitten
Finley Gruhn
Finley Gruhn 9 tuntia sitten
Mufsa 10 tuntia sitten
Plot twist: the child was really Zeus in disguise
eerohughes 10 tuntia sitten
The shopping cart guy is unbelievably stupid
Hot Is Not Dom
Hot Is Not Dom 11 tuntia sitten
I know that guy at the first clip. He works at the ShopRite right near me!!! He a really nice guy tho😆
Sammy Gapen
Sammy Gapen 11 tuntia sitten
Poor dude pushing the carts
Unlimited MTness
Unlimited MTness 15 tuntia sitten
1:45 sure when a cat does that it its all lols and giggles, but when I do that to my female boss I go to prison for 3 years. hypocracy
JessenLH 16 tuntia sitten
poor Shopping Cart Pusher
Matthew R.
Matthew R. 17 tuntia sitten
That cackling han was annoying af in the second clip.
James Jamesbond
James Jamesbond 19 tuntia sitten
Imagine if the WII: Unable to read disc please wipe with a soft cloth
Me Päivä sitten
He might have kept hitting cars with shopping carts, but at least he wasn’t hitting people and sending them into the road to be run over by a mobile billboard truck advertising erectile dysfunction.
T.U.F Päivä sitten
2:41 That dude was *DONE* 😂😂
shardul patil
shardul patil Päivä sitten
@3.12 .. That sort of image always runs through my eye sight 👀 Eye Floaters.... Muscae Volitantes... 🧐
Lisa Whitfield
Lisa Whitfield Päivä sitten
0:50 : “This random guy wanted to know what it would feel like to be famous” Well now that you are on FIpost, you are famous, so there you go!
Girly Princess Sylveon
Girly Princess Sylveon Päivä sitten
That last clip is basically Spore
Fred Messer
Fred Messer Päivä sitten
so the title says something about shopping carts maybe 10 seconds of it this person channel is a reatrds channel
Kenyon Martin Jr.
Kenyon Martin Jr. Päivä sitten
The guy with the entourage and stuff probably got so much 🐱 that night
Sam Patel
Sam Patel Päivä sitten
2:17 😅
Yummychains Päivä sitten
1:59 I love that.
Julie Peggie
Julie Peggie Päivä sitten
divine Light
divine Light Päivä sitten
that was one crazy pool party.
JawanM Päivä sitten
“Get me that organism” “But sir-“ “GET me...that organism”
Brighton And Bella
Brighton And Bella Päivä sitten
The carts just have a honing sense
AI Robut
AI Robut Päivä sitten
Those shopping carts are the exact reason why I keep my 1 million$ McLaren parked at the dealership, where i have still yet to purchase.
MR BUBZ Päivä sitten
2:08 that painting is dope, kinda looks like a scene from I am legend.
Jomari Fernandez
Jomari Fernandez Päivä sitten
0:20 i see something flying
Lend me a ciggie would ya mate?
Lend me a ciggie would ya mate? Päivä sitten
sad that some people are so desperate for attention that they have to fake being famous and trick people into respecting them.
Dragon Master
Dragon Master 2 päivää sitten
That guy really wanted to practice his ping pong skills with wii sport, I think it worked.
Joseph Hite
Joseph Hite 2 päivää sitten
The random dude who wanted see what ring famous looks like, looks like Seth McFarlane when his glasses are on.
HappyRM 2 päivää sitten
1:15 the guy not knowing the girl is kissing him
Gamer Guides
Gamer Guides 2 päivää sitten
I thought this video was going to be soly on trolly cart pushers lol ??
GGUNTER 2 päivää sitten
1:08 there is a grandma out there telling her grandchildren all about the famous guy she met
Murat Melis
Murat Melis 2 päivää sitten
My mom: *gives the Shopping cart* Me and my brother:
John Boo
John Boo 2 päivää sitten
Cart boy: just hired, just fired
Funkhelm Friedel
Funkhelm Friedel 2 päivää sitten
Can you spare a nickel brother?
Nex Wex 3
Nex Wex 3 2 päivää sitten
This dude remins me of regular politician 3:00
Nova 2 päivää sitten
"Whatever just push the cart, cart-pusher!"
BendApparatus 2 päivää sitten
Oliver has clearly NOT bee ln watching Fight Club...
808Goblin 2 päivää sitten
the results of the guy faking his fame is extremly sad
Akira Strings
Akira Strings 2 päivää sitten
Dude you always make my day better
Rishaan Saksena
Rishaan Saksena 2 päivää sitten
This guy is messed up
durp hurp
durp hurp 2 päivää sitten
2:18 he's just asserting dominance upon those bystanders
TrinityRourke 3 päivää sitten
*(wii sports championship game, my opponent just walks up with a paddle and does **2:44**)* me: alright well he just won via intimidation so, I guess Ima head out now
Thomas Yuan
Thomas Yuan 3 päivää sitten
Just push the shopping carts *shopping cart pusher*
Antix taktix
Antix taktix 3 päivää sitten
This absolutely and utterly tore my fucking appendix apart from laughing so hard. That trolley guy is like a comedy sketch!
miyazakirei 3 päivää sitten
personally this is still my favorite video from Daily Does Of Internet.
саша 4 päivää sitten
the shopping cart one was so painful to watch
SlimThrull 4 päivää sitten
Shopping cart pusher doesn't understand how wheels and inclines work. Yet gets paid $15 an hour.
Zeba 055a
Zeba 055a 4 päivää sitten
that art picture with the city and deer is really sad when u think about it
UnknownCreature-006 4 päivää sitten
Lol that used to happen to me all the time when I worked at the grocery store. I swear shopping carts are sentient.
ItzCarterz 4 päivää sitten
Me: "Get me that organism" "But SIR!!!" "GET ME THAT LONG NECK ORGANISM"
William Taylor
William Taylor 4 päivää sitten
I honestly feel bad for the first guy
Stanna 4 päivää sitten
The narrator sounds so lifeless
•.Hðþê•. •.Eʅʅισƚƚ.•
•.Hðþê•. •.Eʅʅισƚƚ.• 4 päivää sitten
2:11 Wow
General 5 päivää sitten
Those shopping carts really want the shopping cart pusher bankrupt 😂
Duck 5 päivää sitten
Phew im not only person with a wio
Wanda Maximoff
Wanda Maximoff 5 päivää sitten
That painting 🖼... it says everything 💚
Samuel Blevins
Samuel Blevins 5 päivää sitten
3:10 believe that is a paramecium I thin
LimePotato 5 päivää sitten
Poor guy
NOT Retrosz
NOT Retrosz 5 päivää sitten
I played this team that had the same jersey as the guy that was hitting a disc
Krish Jumani
Krish Jumani 5 päivää sitten
2:18 Your a wizard harry..... A what? A WIZARD!
Pirotehnicki 5 päivää sitten
What that dog was swallowed
GIORDAN MORILLO SOTO 5 päivää sitten
im not a cart pusher but i guess i was not the only one
Alone 6 päivää sitten
2:15 T-pose
Yusuf Habibi
Yusuf Habibi 6 päivää sitten
That painting was so, intriguing.
Dylan Schmidt
Dylan Schmidt 6 päivää sitten
"This regular guy who can hire an entire crew to follow him for a day"
Kinang Eagle
Kinang Eagle 7 päivää sitten
Nintendo Disc guy was just so sick of it to celebrate
SlothYT 7 päivää sitten
Traffic be like
CIO 7 päivää sitten
αν το βλεπεις αυτο κανε like
Chris M
Chris M 7 päivää sitten
I need to buy the painted picture of the city and woods
Mike Breen
Mike Breen 8 päivää sitten
Rowdy pool party!!!!
Monnatts Gaming
Monnatts Gaming 9 päivää sitten
Cart : bababoey
falafelite 10 päivää sitten
2:54 ayy high steel i live near there
Congo the Pie Thrower
Congo the Pie Thrower 10 päivää sitten
The carts have a mind of their own
Cedrique 10 päivää sitten
2:46 Exelent shot!
Addison Channel and hores
Addison Channel and hores 11 päivää sitten
I love the cat
luie31 11 päivää sitten
2:16 may the T be with you
Tijme Holten
Tijme Holten 11 päivää sitten
3:00 this is actually something I caught before! it's a really rare species, called swanentraan in dutch (swan's tear). when me and my dad found it we got really excited!
Dr. Fill
Dr. Fill 12 päivää sitten
the dude with the paparazzi could have said he was seth mcfarlane
Purple pink Panda
Purple pink Panda 12 päivää sitten
I don’t know why but that harmless microscopic insignificant organism scares me
Bradley Dix
Bradley Dix 12 päivää sitten
Why the fuck does people take a pic of a guy that is not famous that’s so weird
Emilyrose Ella
Emilyrose Ella 12 päivää sitten
I love the pool party one😂😂😂😂
Kon vlogs
Kon vlogs 12 päivää sitten
2:16 T-tornadoing
xBLOXMENx 13 päivää sitten
Panda Panda
Panda Panda 13 päivää sitten
I’m going to try and leave a comment on every video this is video 209
More its Jayden
More its Jayden 13 päivää sitten
Oh no
JakeHasACornFlake 13 päivää sitten
c a r h i t
Christopher Sabados
Christopher Sabados 14 päivää sitten
I push carts u feel his pain on a weird hill and windy it’s the worst
nothing but rania
nothing but rania 14 päivää sitten
Don't you ever feel like You:damn I should have wrote that
Funny Furgus
Funny Furgus 15 päivää sitten
It’s Easter 2021 and it’s 1:45 am
jasmine zima
jasmine zima 15 päivää sitten
1:51 she looks like my cat
Michael Burt
Michael Burt 15 päivää sitten
what the fuck was in the dogs mouth? ive seen the video on 3 different videos and its tilting me that i dont know wha tit is lol
Leonardo Benitez
Leonardo Benitez 16 päivää sitten
WHAT PLACE IS 2:48 !!!!!
The Real Gilly Gill
The Real Gilly Gill 16 päivää sitten
Hey can you do a face reveal!
Wigadama 16 päivää sitten
Don't know if someone is reading this, but if you are: You are amazing and beautiful! I believe in you! ❤️
Rocky Turkey
Rocky Turkey 18 päivää sitten
I love this dudes voice
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