Cat Doesn't Care That It's On Fire

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Neil For bes
Neil For bes 3 kuukautta sitten
The cat wants to be charmander
Billie Brown
Billie Brown 12 päivää sitten
Neil For bes
Neil For bes 21 päivä sitten
My joke is so bad why
Oofman Does stuff LOL
Oofman Does stuff LOL 29 päivää sitten
Chris Hunter
Chris Hunter Uukausi sitten
AlberTesla Uukausi sitten
JF Robertson
JF Robertson 3 tuntia sitten
It’s Charmander
Charles B.
Charles B. 4 tuntia sitten
legend has it, the dog went missing the next day, all that was left was a paper that wrote; the cat was too powerful, tell my ma i love- and then a scribble.
gmd pro gamer
gmd pro gamer 6 tuntia sitten
that cat had fire resistence
추한 7 tuntia sitten
what the fak the owner just walked right pass when the cats tail was on fire thats such a bad owner !
Avery YT
Avery YT 22 tuntia sitten
1:10 how they made blue talk in blues clues
Jon_Bee B0mb1n
Jon_Bee B0mb1n Päivä sitten
The dog in the fire cat video at the end was like "ummm, what just happened and how are you not unarmed?"
Esther K
Esther K Päivä sitten
The cat honestly looked really cool with the fire on its tail also bruh what are the owners doing
꧁FluffySunday YT꧂
꧁FluffySunday YT꧂ Päivä sitten
Fun fact : the fire haven't got to the cat skin that's why the cat dosen't feel anything
Master Ninja YT
Master Ninja YT Päivä sitten
1:32 :(
Z3CS Päivä sitten
the dog is like, "you good bro?"
Lt Goodwin
Lt Goodwin Päivä sitten
1:05 dog or chicken?
RushighCowcat Päivä sitten
The owner was like 👍 he just had good fur
Minecraft Dude
Minecraft Dude Päivä sitten
Anyone else find the cat just looking at his talk oh fire like “Huh” hilarious, Also really good to know a person just walked past the cat when it was on fire and didn’t see it, JEEZE
isaac d estrada
isaac d estrada Päivä sitten
0:31 is that a big bunny?
Neon Razel Sucgang
Neon Razel Sucgang Päivä sitten
That one person who walked by the cat
Dark man
Dark man Päivä sitten
1:11 WTF I AM THINKING ABOUT XDDDDD😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂😂😂😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂
dark rose
dark rose Päivä sitten
The dog be like "um, smell funny "
Mahfk Namsayn
Mahfk Namsayn Päivä sitten
The cat n dog where just like "sweet"
Nikos Da Noob
Nikos Da Noob Päivä sitten
Broken roofs are common in the Philippines
Canrien Davis
Canrien Davis Päivä sitten
Cat: **very calm* Dog: *WTF-*
asianpower3000 Päivä sitten
I love how the cat and the dog stopped messing around like kids when they realized they did something they weren't suppose to.
Buzzy Bee
Buzzy Bee Päivä sitten
The cat on fire: eh it’s fire. I’ve been to H*ll and back. Dog: DUDE YOUR ON FIRE!! Owner: why’s it smell like fire in here?
Farz ali safar
Farz ali safar Päivä sitten
that dog snoring made me lough to death
Jan Rylan Castro
Jan Rylan Castro Päivä sitten
I wonder why the owner did not even see that the cat was on fire
firewood yt
firewood yt 2 päivää sitten
the cat must be a level 99 boss thats how cat cat city works level 99 imune to FIRE
Random Guy
Random Guy 2 päivää sitten
oh my tail is on fire anyway...
Kaua Da silva pires
Kaua Da silva pires 2 päivää sitten
That cat is a anime character
Chimken Nuggies
Chimken Nuggies 2 päivää sitten
You haven't unlocked that mountain yet
Jenna Galant
Jenna Galant 2 päivää sitten
bruh that person just like walked by the burning cat and didn't even notice anything lmao
Christie Oliver
Christie Oliver 2 päivää sitten
The dog was like "wha-"
Evil Frog
Evil Frog 2 päivää sitten
My dog moos like a cow whenever she sleeps
Roig 2 päivää sitten
When you max out fire resistance be like:
Rishik Bhoumick
Rishik Bhoumick 2 päivää sitten
True caring nature of the dog reflects
Jose Perez
Jose Perez 2 päivää sitten
The dog was looking like ohhhhh man
Haruhi Suzumiya
Haruhi Suzumiya 2 päivää sitten
Dog sounding like Big bird when it is sleeping lmaoooo
Ethan James Calong
Ethan James Calong 2 päivää sitten
Cat just became charizard for a moment!
Loki Lorena
Loki Lorena 2 päivää sitten
In a zombie apocalypse the dog and cat be like: Dog: THE ZOMBIE IS BITING MY MASTER! cat: relax she just needs a bath (-_-)
Discord Mod
Discord Mod 2 päivää sitten
Antix Taktix
Antix Taktix 2 päivää sitten
When i was a kid i accidentally burnt down my next-door neighbours tree with a box of matches. It horrified me watching it go up in flames in a matter of seconds. I got flashbacks when i saw that cat on fire.
leiong leang
leiong leang 2 päivää sitten
dog: your tail is on fire! cat: yeah it is.
Gquinn18 2 päivää sitten
2:17 nah that means there’s a quest you have to complete there
Chosen one
Chosen one 2 päivää sitten
The dog sounds like a turkey
Toby Leigh
Toby Leigh 2 päivää sitten
Cat: ummmm Dog: MMooOOOOMMMMM
Irmar Rodriguez
Irmar Rodriguez 3 päivää sitten
My dogs bark when they sleep too
Marcos Sanz Álvarez
Marcos Sanz Álvarez 3 päivää sitten
2:20 I’m spanish and didn’t even realize
Jaden Whonoseeourlastname
Jaden Whonoseeourlastname 3 päivää sitten
Dog:omg your tail is on fire Cat:Don’t freak out don’t freak out
Brandon Begaye
Brandon Begaye 3 päivää sitten
That dog was like "brooo,your tail"
finisher3x 3 päivää sitten
Dog: Oh (( BLEEP !! ) YOUR TAIL IS ON FIRE! I NEED TO GO GET THE GIRL!! Cat: Come back dude. Watch this. Dog: Huh? How? WTF? Cat: See? Nothing to worry about.
3 päivää sitten
I Know This FIpostr 0:40
ShakeyBoyzs 3 päivää sitten
1:41 Looks like some kind of aliens
Kevin May
Kevin May 3 päivää sitten
1:23 Typical American cheap construction 😂
magicstix0r 3 päivää sitten
Cat: "This is fine."
yongxiang huang
yongxiang huang 4 päivää sitten
Sleep barking
Camomille418 4 päivää sitten
The dog and cat in the last video seem to be listening to what he's saying 😆 The timing is perfect! Especially when the cat jumps on the dog. 😂 Looks like a movie xD
Mulzie's World O' Art
Mulzie's World O' Art 4 päivää sitten
It all gangsta till the dog gets too close to the cat tail-
willowspryte 4 päivää sitten
Those poor barnacles need to get back into the water. They're gonna starve.
M B 4 päivää sitten
Cat looking at tail and thinking: "Well, 8 and a half to go."
Yuki A.
Yuki A. 4 päivää sitten
Aww~ the dog checking out the cat tail
Drew holland
Drew holland 4 päivää sitten
The Dog and Cat: ;-;
Kent Reece
Kent Reece 4 päivää sitten
You could win a million dollars and I bet your tone will stay the same haha
Myth0 4 päivää sitten
Fire: ooh a tail The cat: this is fine
Cool Roblox
Cool Roblox 4 päivää sitten
Cat Mander
U Ph
U Ph 4 päivää sitten
Oh my cat. The fire was so big. I wonder if the cat felting hurt? Why is she sp calm
Hypersinx 4 päivää sitten
the dog was like YOO MAAAA
elijahistired 4 päivää sitten
This cat is a champ
Strawberryhere 4 päivää sitten
Elliott James
Elliott James 4 päivää sitten
Cat is witch
DRAGO 4 päivää sitten
Forget lava girl I have a lava cat
Oliver Lee
Oliver Lee 4 päivää sitten
Dog be like u good
LightningBoi 2195
LightningBoi 2195 4 päivää sitten
Fire type cat pokemon
Robert Land
Robert Land 4 päivää sitten
Are we not gonna talk about how huge that freaking rabbit was?
Grace Stephens
Grace Stephens 5 päivää sitten
The dog said...ehh let it burrrrrn 😈😈😈
Grace Stephens
Grace Stephens 5 päivää sitten
The dog be smarter than the cat XD
Senqai_ 5 päivää sitten
boy, i do hate it when my roof just decides to die
nate cole
nate cole 5 päivää sitten
1:08 it sounds like my Hispanic mother yelling at me
Lazzat bhare khane with Kainat
Lazzat bhare khane with Kainat 5 päivää sitten
Dog is like are you okay my kitty
Mr. Squiddler
Mr. Squiddler 5 päivää sitten
3:54 why does this look like its from a video game
Jeanet Cordova
Jeanet Cordova 5 päivää sitten
When that dog barks in the sleep, it sounds like a turkey gobbling
a working milkman
a working milkman 5 päivää sitten
Cat: am firebender now
Anton Hu
Anton Hu 5 päivää sitten
The dog be like: _HE IS THE CHOSEN ONE_
DrBiju Martin
DrBiju Martin 5 päivää sitten
Goose barnacles exit Trypophobia:hello there
Soham Bhattacharjee
Soham Bhattacharjee 5 päivää sitten
Cat caught fire. Cat : So this is the power of fire bending!!
Enkidu 5 päivää sitten
That candle placement tho, luckly the pets didn't knock the candle down and start a house fire =/
LordLimburger 5 päivää sitten
A cool fire for a cool cat.
SamFlickerydoot 5 päivää sitten
2:20 ah yes the boss battle is waiting for you to finish the pointless side quests
SamFlickerydoot 5 päivää sitten
the dog be like....... "uh, you good?"
05 Capili Karl
05 Capili Karl 5 päivää sitten
the owner didnt notice
Abduraji Alkhaizzer
Abduraji Alkhaizzer 5 päivää sitten
That dog be like:I'm jealous
Lance Gideon Diokno
Lance Gideon Diokno 5 päivää sitten
Owner: **blind af** Dog: o_0 uhhhhhh Cat: *my tail is on fire ok then whats next?*
Owl Dusty
Owl Dusty 5 päivää sitten
I like how the cat and doge just stared at the tail like “what the hell what that”
Arjex_Wont Playz
Arjex_Wont Playz 5 päivää sitten
0:30 Blood C is coming
icyblade21 5 päivää sitten
mans got superpowers
Rangy tangy animations Booth
Rangy tangy animations Booth 5 päivää sitten
Well duuuhhh that is a tame litten
Muhammad Alif
Muhammad Alif 6 päivää sitten
Cat be like: "This is fine"
Tokkonai 6 päivää sitten
wait so cats are no fireproof?
Aidan_playz ROBLOX
Aidan_playz ROBLOX 6 päivää sitten
To much over dose
Camoflauge TheGamer7
Camoflauge TheGamer7 6 päivää sitten
That owner bad 00:15
kraken DUCK
kraken DUCK 6 päivää sitten
2:17 no its just goku charging up disdrucdo disc
Trinity Bessette
Trinity Bessette 6 päivää sitten
the dog is like wha its actually safe???
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